Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Six months

Andrew had his half-birthday yesterday! He is growing up so fast and doing new things every day. He is now able to sit on his own and really wants to crawl, although thankfully he can't yet! He is also very adept at grabbing things, so we have to make sure and put everything out of his reach. I'm not sure exactly how much he weighs now (his 6-month checkup is next week) but I got on the scale with him last week and he was 19 pounds. Wow. Here is a funny series of his 6-month pictures.
Amelia continues to be quite the artist and have a flair for the dramatic. This week she decided that she didn't want Fletcher in her room, so she made a "no Fletchers allowed" sign for her door. Here it is:

Amelia was a little disappointed when I told her that Fletcher can't read, so it wouldn't be very effective, but oh well. At least she tried!! She cracks us up all the time. You might have noticed that she made her Fletcher anatomically correct by including a "bottom." I explained to her after she drew it that we probably shouldn't draw "bottoms" anymore! Ha! Gotta love an almost-4-year-old's mind!