Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy birthday, Andrew!

Andrew turned the big "2" on Friday! We kept our celebrations pretty low-key (we didn't even get around to eating the birthday cake until Sunday afternoon!) but still had a fun weekend opening presents, eating with friends at Red Robin, playing with those presents, and eventually eating the cake. Amelia was about 30 times more excited for Andrew's birthday than he was (obviously he doesn't really get it yet), so it was a big weekend for her, too. Here are some pictures!
Inside the new ball pit
Plotting, I'm sure...
And this is what happens next!
We LOVE Thomas and Friends.
Yummy ice cream!Sesame Street school bus cake
Happy birthday, Andrew!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow fun

Unlike some of our friends on the East Coast, we've not had too bad of a winter so far (and I'm not complaining)! We've really only had two "big" snows, and even those were under 8" (definitely not bad!). Anyway, the kids had fun playing in the snow we got yesterday. Enjoy the pics!