Monday, December 7, 2009

An Instant Classic

This Sunday after church we went to visit Santa at our local mall. We'd prepped the kids for the visit and both were as excited as can be--Andrew kept saying, "see Santa! see Santa!" and Amelia was jumping up and down as we waited in line. Then it was our turn. I said, "Andrew, are you going to let Santa hold you on his lap?" "yeah! yeah! yeah!" "Ok..." So Amelia climbed up on the jolly old elf's lap, as excited as ever, and we set Andrew on Santa's knee... and Andrew instantly started screaming. Of course. So it wasn't all Andrew had expected. Needless to say, therefore, this year's picture with Santa is an instant classic.
The photographer kept snapping pictures, hoping to get one where our dear son was taking a breath from all the wailing, and the whole time Bryan and I were just laughing, saying, "it's fine...we think it's funny!" Then to each other: "does this make us bad parents??" Anyway, hope this little gem gets you in the Christmas spirit. Ho, ho, ho!