Friday, July 16, 2010

The Big House

The Big House (University of Michigan's football stadium) has been under construction for a couple of years now. The stadium's press box was out of date and other parts needed renovation, AND they needed to add a bunch of luxury suites and club seats. ;-) Well, the work is finally done, and the Big House was open to the public for tours this week! Since everyone who comes to a football game has to pay full price for a ticket (regardless of age or size), our children will likely not go to any football games in the foreseeable future! We really wanted Amelia and Andrew to see the stadium (oh and we really wanted to sit in the luxury suites and pretend we had one), so we toured it on Wednesday. WOW, is it nice! We are really venturing into the realm of die-hard fan-dom after living here for eight years, and touring the Big House got us so excited about the start of football season! Let's hope the Maize and Blue have a big turn-around season and win a bunch of games. Go Blue!! Oh, and here are some pictures. :-)

Amelia poses with a fire hydrant outside the stadium

Andrew in the club seats
watching one of last year's football games on the big screen

The upper-level windows have a beautiful view of U of M and Ann Arbor

Go Blue!