Saturday, May 9, 2009

Amelia's art

Amelia loves coloring in coloring books and drawing pictures with markers and crayons. The other day at school her class was talking about what they wanted to be when they grow up, and Amelia told me she wanted to be a mom and an artist. Sounds good to me! Another interesting thing is that lately she's been trying to sound out words and write them; here is an example below. She's written PRNSESAS (princesses), U "heart" I (I love) and Amelia (she obviously does this one right!). This translates to "Amelia loves princesses" in Amelian. I am quite proud of her since she spelled "prnsesas" on her own without asking for help. Good phonetics, Amelia! Oh, by the way, on the left is Amelia, then Cinderella, Snow White (with Grumpy and Dopey), and Sleeping Beauty. They're in front of a castle.
And here is a Mother's Day card Amelia drew for me at church last week. It cracked me up. Here is the front:
and here is the inside:
Happy Mother's Day, everyone...thanks for the meatballs! ;-)