Tuesday, October 26, 2010

These shoes.

I love these shoes. Let me tell you how I came to own them...it is a great tale of shopping triumph!
I was in Houston with Abby last month, and while we were killing time waiting to go to an event, we stopped in to Kohl's. I was wearing some black wedge sandals that I'd had for 5+ years and it was high time for them to be retired (they were pretty nasty)! I had $10 in Kohl's cash to spend (it's a great thing...if you don't know about it, check out kohls.com!), so I thought it'd be worth seeing if there were any cute, black wedge sandals I could get to replace the nasty ones...after all, they'd be at least $10 cheaper!

I saw these adorable ones, from Vera Wang's "Simply Vera" line (only at Kohl's) on a mannequin and thought I'd look for them in the shoe department so I could try them on. Well, I looked and looked, but couldn't find the sandals anywhere in the shoe department. Disappointed, I went back to the mannequin to admire the sandals again. Abby said, "why don't you see if those happen to be your size?" So I figured, why not? And....indeed, they were my size. Amazing! The price tag said $69.50, which is way more than I'd pay for these, but since everything is always on sale at Kohl's, and since I had my $10 off, I figured I'd take them up to the register and just see what the real price was. Well, I put the shoes up on the counter, told the sales lady that there wasn't a box because the only pair I could find was on display, and she rang them up...at...


Yes, you read that correctly, folks. $7. That's a 90% discount! Needless to say, I was speechless. My jaw dropped! I never find deals THAT great! The sales lady was cracking up at me; she said "I've never seen a reaction like that in the whole time I've worked here...and it was worth the wait!" I could not believe my luck, so I promptly paid in cash (kept the Kohl's cash for later!), and got out of there before there was a chance for it to all be a big, mean joke. YAY for bargains!
And yay for these shoes. :-)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our trip to Wiard's

Wiard's is an orchard and store about two miles from our house. Every weekend in October they have a giant "country fair" with lots of rides, games, and activities. We usually try to go to the fair once every fall; it's such a fun fall activity! We went to Wiard's last weekend and had a great time. We picked apples, roamed the pumpkin patch, rode "tractors," raced rubber ducks, and played on giant, inflatable things. :-) A good time was had by all, as you will see from the pictures!
Happy fall, everyone!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What we've been up to.

We have been busy, busy since I posted last! Here's what we've been up to:

Making a quilt with Ms. Paula
Visiting our hometown
Finally riding the school bus
Going apple picking with school
Having fun with Nana
Getting to see the fire truck
The fire truck is SO cool.

That's all for now!