Saturday, December 8, 2007

Christmas Pictures

We just took our annual Christmas card picture, and came out with several really good ones. I wanted to get my big belly in the picture so little baby Jobe could be recognized! We didn't end up going with either one of these but I thought they were worth posting. :-)

This one cracks me up because we were telling Amelia to kiss the baby, and it ended up looking like Bryan and I were squashing her in between our tummies!

Happy Jobes!


Cara said...

Those are great! I hope we can take ours tomorrow. It's been 80 degrees here the last 2 days, so I really doesn't feel like Christmas season! Can't wait to see the picture you ended up choosing.

abby said...

um, that picture is freakin hilarious. and your belly is bigger than i expected! craze. i guess fergus is getting ready to come out.