Monday, January 28, 2008

My long week

This week Bryan is gone the whole week (Sun.-Thurs. morning in Philadelphia for a work thing, then Thurs. afternoon -Sun. afternoon in Arkansas for fun). Yikes. It is really hard having enough energy--with 3 weeks left until baby comes--to keep up with Amelia, especially at her age and stage! She is great, don't get me wrong, but it can be very trying to deal with her when my back is hurting and I am so sleepy I can barely stay awake! Fortunately we have a few little outings scheduled this week to break things up a bit, but please say a little prayer for me that I'll make it through this week without going nuts! :-) Thanks!

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Martha said...

Guilt! I could have been there to help you! Honestly, though I am glad I didn't come. I would have been driving back tonight and we are getting freezing rain. There are "blizzard-like" conditions forecasted for the rest of the night. I'll pray for you though. Hang in there! You are almost done.