Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NYC trip

Last week I took the kids to NYC to visit my parents. This was Andrew's first trip to the Big Apple and he was pretty indifferent to it all! Amelia was able to enjoy some aspects of NY for the first time, though, including the Statue of Liberty (seen from the Staten Island Ferry), the Central Park Carousel, and an off-Broadway show (the Gazillion Bubble Show...exactly what it sounds like). She also had fun playing on the playground outside Nana and Pops' apartment building, riding on the bus and subway, and visiting American Girl Place (an early birthday present). Andrew celebrated his 7-month birthday in NY! He is well on his way to crawling; it'll happen any day now. He can also sit himself up from laying down, so it's time to lower the crib mattress. He is a very curious boy and so much fun! Below are some pictures from our trip.

Amelia and Pops ride the carousel
Andrew's first subway ride

7 months old...with the Statue of Liberty in the background (very small, over Nana's shoulder)

We enjoyed a tea party on Nana and Pops' patio with tea and kolaches that Amelia helped make.

Amelia loved the tea party!


Kellie Buckner said...

What a fun trip! Amelia looks like she had a lot of fun. I love the idea of a gazillion bubbles! Megan and Jeremy LOVE bubbles. In the nursery at Church they always do bubbles for the last five or ten minutes, however long it takes the parents to come get their kids. Jeremy loves it and always smells like soap afterward.

Ted and Anne said...

YAY, you are back! Glad you guys had a good time in NYC. Hope your mom had a good birthday...I know she enjoyed having you all there :)

Cara said...

Looks like you all had a very fun trip! Glad you made it home safe and sound. Brylee isn't going to crawl anytime soon, I don't think. She just likes to sit, and when she finally lays down and rolls around awhile, she'll cry. My sweet, spoiled little girl!

Ava's Adventures said...

yummy! Kolaches are an outstanding Czech treat!

Bria said...

I love how Amelia is wearing the same outfit (including pigtails) in both the tea party pictures and the back to school pictures! It gives us a good reference point for her cuteness. Too cute in Ypsi, and too cute in NYC!!