Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our extra traveler: a pesky winter storm.

two inches of ice on the rearview mirrors......on the hood...and the sheet of ice that came off our roof!

We finally got home yesterday from a great trip to Arkansas. What was supposed to be a relatively short, uncomplicated trip became longer and a little tricky when a major winter storm decided to hang directly over our travel route! So instead of us going part of the way back on Monday night and the rest of the way Tuesday (putting us home Tuesday afternoon), we went part of the way Monday night, part of the way Tuesday, and the rest of the way Wednesday morning, putting us home Wednesday afternoon. We are very thankful to be home safely! Most of the way on Tuesday we had about two inches of ice covering our car (see pictures below). At one point on Tuesday night Bryan had to pull over and chip the ice off the headlights because we couldn't see! Bryan and I have a joke that every year we inevitably have one trip that is just awful (trust me, it's happened for like five years in a row), and this year we hadn't had it yet so we had to squeeze it in before 2009! HA! Anyway, like I said we are very glad to be home safe and sound. Thanks to those of you who prayed for safe travel for us!

We did have a great visit in Arkansas. Check out my slideshow below for a review!

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