Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And so it begins...

Last week, Bryan and I each reached a milestone; I became a soccer mom and Bryan became a coach of his kid's team! Amelia is playing soccer in the preschool-age league run by our township. The first practice/game was quite an experience (Bryan compared it to herding cats)! Amelia had a lot of fun playing, and even scored a goal! Bryan is a great coach and I think the kids will have a great experience being on his team.

Amelia also started pre-ballet and pre-tap class last week, so we're getting kind of busy (thus the title of this post)! She has really enjoyed class the last couple of weeks and informed us that she likes ballet better than tap "because the shoes are prettier. They're pink." So there you go! The class is closed to parents except for the first week of the month, so I'm looking forward to next Thursday when I get to see what she's actually learning. If I can video, I will!

Andrew, of course, is too little for much organized activity, but he's quite a trooper in tagging along and cheering (he can actually dribble the soccer ball quite well!). He has recently started saying a lot of words, including bus, tractor, truck, (do you see a theme here?), cracker (which sounds a lot like tractor), puppy, ducky,doggie...and that's all I can think of for now. Oh, and he calls Amelia "YaYa." I think that's pretty cute, myself. Hope all is well with everyone in the blogosphere! Enjoy the pictures!


Ted and Anne said...

Oh Amelia, what a beautiful ballerina you are! :) (Tell your mama she did a great job on your hair-great bun Emily!)

Kellie said...

Fun:) I love her in her ballerina outfit! When Megan did dance I couldn't ever get her hair in a nice bun like that. Her hair was just all over the place.