Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New (?) Year, New Stuff

Hello out there! I have been soooo lazy over the last couple months, and I figured I'd better have at least one post in January. I guess the year isn't really "new" anymore, but since this is the first blog of 2010 it can be new, right?

We've had lots of changes in the Jobe household in the last month or so. Most of them aren't really earth-shattering, but you get to hear about them anyway, ha! :-) The biggest change is one that most of you probably know about, but I haven't mentioned on the blog. NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT so don't think that. It's this: Bryan has a new job! His last job ended in October and he "involuntarily took some time off" from then until last week, so this is BIG news. The last quarter of the year was pretty stressful for us, to say the least; we are so thankful to our families for all their help and support, and to God for His faithfulness in bringing the right job at the right time (even though a little sooner would've been ok with us. ;-) Bryan had his orientation for his new job last week and he is so excited about it! The company is big, stable, well-respected, and they are very excited to have him, so we are very excited about it! So that's the big news. The rest of it is little stuff, but I have pictures of it.

With birthday and Christmas money we did a lot of re-organizing and re-arranging in our house! My birthday present was an additional shelf from IKEA (love that place!!) for all my craft stuff, replacing the yucky plastic drawer carts I had. I LOVE this shelf and desk! I've done several projects here already and look forward to several more! Here is a picture of the shelf, and the first project I did on it...a skirt for Amelia!

The next re-arrangement we did was to bring my desk upstairs; it had been downstairs when Bryan's office was upstairs, and since his office is downstairs now, it wasn't the best place for my desk. Anyway, we moved my desk up to the front hall. Not ideal, but it's functional! We then got inspired to re-arrange our bed, which exposed our large window (with really ugly mini-blinds and sheer curtains), which prompted us to get new Roman shades and curtains, which necessitated new throw pillows, which gave us the color to paint our bathroom (which had been sanded and ready to paint year): "warm brownie." Whew! So here are pictures of our "new" bedroom and bathroom. We love it!
Also, I know I get excited about small stuff--hey, I'm easy to please--but if you'll notice, the curtains in the bedroom are exactly the same pattern as the new shower curtain. And I got them at two completely different stores. SO exciting! Anyway, that's all our new house stuff. I'll add some new kid pictures in a different post...too much in one day would overwhelm you, after the shock of seeing that I actually posted something!


Julie said...

very nice! i have that exact same ikea bookcase and i love it as well!

Ted and Anne said...

I must say I'm loving the new bookcase!!!

abby said...

love the new bedroom arrangement. fancy schmancy.

Kellie said...

Yay for Bryan getting a new job! That is great! And the skirt you made looks awesome. I am working on a skirt made from a white linen table cloth and yellow cloth napkins. I found them in a china hutch when we bought our house.