Friday, April 23, 2010


So, Andrew is just over two years old, and we can understand almost everything he says these days. However, some things take several tries before we get it right. See below:

Andrew (A.): "Mommy, I see graggle."
Me (M.): "You see what, bubby? Dragon?"
A.: "I see graggle."
M.: "gaggle?"
A.: "graggle."
M: "wagon?"
M: "Oh, triangle! That's right, bud!"

We have several conversations per day like this. Here are a few other words we've interpreted.

fwok=fork (we are REALLY trying to work on this one, as it sounds like a nasty word and is rather embarrassing when he screams it across a restaurant in public)
nuk=milk (although he's recently overcome this one, and now says "mee-yulk")
beer=bear (this is kind of funny when he says, "mommy, BEER!!!" and really wants his stuffed animal)
fwahg=flag or frog (or sometimes it even sounds like fork)

Andrew also has a few signature phrases that we hear daily:

"Mommy, I be wiiiiiiite back."

"Where's Yeeya? School. Backback. Wuchbox. Where's Daddy? Dow-stairs. Office. Wer-king. Where's Te-tchuh (Fletcher)? Nuh-no! (don't know) Where's A-doo? Ri-HERE!!!"


"Wook, Mommy! Wook!"

"Bessya Mommy" (after a sneeze)

"Peek-oo Mommy" (Thank you Mommy)

"Mommy A-doo Petzohs." (literal translation: Mommy Andrew Pretzels.)

"Dess what, Mommy! Cow jumpedumpedumpedupmed duh MOON!" (somewhere along the way he became enamored with the phrase "cow jumped over the moon.")

I hope you've enjoyed your lesson in Andrew-ese!


Kelly said...

Love it! He and Parker would have quite the conversation together. I love picturing Bryan's face when Andrew yells fork. Love you guys!

Ted and Anne said...

I very much enjoyed my lesson on "Andrew-ese", ha! As I was reading through, I could just hear him saying all these things :) Tell him "Ene" is very proud him!

Kellie said...

That's so cute! I love how little kids talk:)