Sunday, August 15, 2010

Amelia's exciting week

Amelia had a pretty big week last week! She participated in "Safety Town," a week-long program (9-3 every day!) for entering kindergarteners to learn all about safety. There were visits from the police and fire department, EMTs with an ambulance, Louie the lightning bug (DTE Energy), a railroad safety group, the Red Cross, and others. Amelia had a great time and learned a lot! Here are a couple pictures from graduation.

pretty excited about something!
demonstrating what to do if an animal you don't know starts bothering you (stand like a tree and say "help!")
Getting her Safety Town diploma from her teacher

Yesterday Amelia also finished her first session of swimming lessons at the county rec center. She LOVED being in the pool and did a great job! The pictures were taken from an observation deck behind a window, so please excuse the poor quality!
Kicking feet (she's the third one counter-clockwise from top)
Getting ready to jump in to the deep end
Showing the skills certificate!

Last but not least, our friends the Spiveys had their first baby on Tuesday, and Amelia couldn't wait to meet baby Noah! She was so excited to get to visit him and hold him. Here they are:
So sweet!
Amelia=excited about the baby...Andrew=excited about the apple juice. :-)

This week, Nana is coming on Tuesday (a week earlier than expected, yay!) so we're in for much more fun. It's hard to believe, but in just over three weeks Amelia and Andrew will both be in school! Where has the summer gone???


Ted and Anne said...

Congrats to Amelia on her Safety certificate and completion of swim lessons! I think I know who Noah's babysitter is going to be someday :) Sweet pictures!

abby said...

i would like to point out that in that first picture, the kids are obviously supposed to be telling someone NO. the rest of the kids are half-heartedly saying it, but amelia is SELLING it! i'm proud.