Monday, December 13, 2010

The Big Chill

This past Saturday Bryan and I participated in a historic event! We were spectators at the Big Chill, an outdoor hockey game between Michigan and Michigan State. What made it historic was the venue and attendance: the hockey game was at the Big House (Michigan's football stadium) and the crowd was 113,411, making it the largest crowd ever to watch a hockey game anywhere in the world. The Guinness Book of World Records was there to present a certificate and everything. Pretty cool...literally! It was COOOOOLD. We wore lots of layers and were well-prepared (well, except for my toes; I should've worn multiple pairs of socks!), but brrrr! Even though we're not big hockey fans, it was a really fun experience. Here are some pictures!

On the way to the game
Here we are!
Good seats!
Players take the ice
the record-setting crowd
Blowout win for Michigan!
An ice sculpture at the stadium of the Big Chill logo


Ted and Anne said...

What an event!! You guys look great, I love all your pictures...ahhhh, SO good to beat the Spartys :)

Bria said...

The only thing missing was me! Just kidding! :-) Glad you got to go - what a fun memory!

I did get to watch it on TV down here, so I was very, very happy. Especially the beating Sparty part!