Friday, January 14, 2011

New Year, New Phase

Happy New(ish) year! I hope all of you had a great holiday season and are back in the full swing of things. As much as I love the holidays, it is indeed nice to get back in to a regular routine! We got our Christmas decor put away amazingly early and quickly this year, and putting everything away (in addition to finding places for all our new, acquired gifts) really put me in the mood to go through everything, re-organize, and purge! We donated lots of old toys and clothes, recycled a T.V., threw away lots of trash, re-hung clothes in our closets on nice, slimline matching hangers (thanks to Abby for the gift!), and--put away the crib!

Andrew is now sleeping in a big boy (toddler) bed. I had been dreading the move to the toddler bed for a while, as I knew it'd be a whole transition process and my sleep might suffer. However, in order to seriously focus on potty training Andrew (who turns three next month), we had to first get him in to a bed that he could get out of, should he need to go! So, after all the company left, we took the crib down. Here is a picture of the kids saying "bye" to their old bed, and one of Andrew in the new bed!
I'm happy to say that after two full weeks in his bed, he's napping very well during the day. At night, he often wakes up once, comes in to our room, we take him right back, and he goes back to sleep. He's waking up pretty early (6:30 or 7 usually), but I'm pleased with how relatively smoothly it's going. Since we're getting this routine down now, I'm going to start tackling the potty training here in the next couple weeks. Wish me luck!!

Amelia also had a major event this week: she lost her first tooth! She was SO excited to show everyone her wiggly tooth (it was loose for a good 2-3 weeks), and even more excited when it came out. Now she tells everyone her mouth looks like a jack-o-lantern. I'll let you decide...

Amelia's still doing really well in school. Today her teacher told me she thinks Amelia's reading on about a 4th grade level! She's also the top of her (K-1) class in math. We are so proud of her, although we're going to have to decide what to do to keep her challenged and interested next year!

Not much else to report here. Like I said, we're just getting back in the swing of things and enjoying our life together! Here's one last picture from this week...lots of snow to play in. Have a great weekend!


Heather said...

Awww...what cuties!!

Ted and Anne said...

Love Andrew's new bed...and Amelia's new look with a missing tooth :) I know a lot of this you had shared with me, but after reading your blog, you've very much inspired me to 1.) Blog (which I'm about to do!) 2.) Start cleaning and getting rid of stuff, NOW.

Kellie said...

We've been trying to get rid of clutter after Christmas, too. How's potty training going? We're still working on it with Emma. Probably will still be working on it when Lincoln is old enough to start potty training.