Thursday, March 20, 2008

One month

Andrew is one month (and one day) old! He's really changed a lot in the last four weeks. It's especially noticeable as far as his weight is concerned; he's up to 10 pounds 2 ounces! I can definitely tell by my sore arms and back! He's got a little cold but hopefully it'll pass soon. It's hard to stay healthy with a sister who coughs in your face every day!

I'm stealing a page from my friend Martha's book; every week of her daughter Nora's life, she's taken a picture of Nora with a sign that says "I am _weeks old today!" It's been really fun to see her progress each week (she posts the pictures on her blog). I don't know that I can be diligent enough to do one each week, but I thought it would be fun to do this for Andrew for each month. Here's the first picture!We've had meals brought to us every other night for the last 10 days from our church family, which has been awesome! Even though I love to cook, it's been nice to not have to think about what's for dinner. People (especially at church) have also given us lots of gifts for Andrew, and a lot of those people have given gifts to Amelia too, so she's not left out. She is eating this up, of course!

One of my friends from Ladies' class had a toy kitchen that belonged to her daughter (who's now in high school). Cindy had told me a while back that she'd love to pass this on to Amelia, so Amelia played with it at Cindy's house the other day and then it came home with us. It has been really funny watching Amelia play in her kitchen! She puts on her little apron and chef hat and looks so cute (see picture below)! The funniest part of all of it, however, is the cash register. It has a little scanner that makes noise when you touch it to something, so as you can imagine, we've "bought" everything in the house with Amelia's cash register. Here's the best part: after you "buy" something, she says, "Thank you for shopping with us!" Ha! One too many trips to Kroger, I guess!


Cara said...

I love the sign idea. Maybe I'll do it starting at 2 months. Man, I wish I could see and hold that boy! He's precious.

Martha said...

Yea! I am so glad that you are doing the birthday signs! I wish that I could claim that the idea originated with me, but that is not true. I stole the idea from my brilliant friend, Everlie. I think that she might have gotten the idea from someone else and her sister ended up doing it, too.

Janet said...

Amelia's chef outfit and kitchen are just adorable, as is she! I've got to get my baby gift to you soon or Andrew will outgrow it!
Aunt Janet

bradfordlstevens said...

We love keeping up with you from afar! Thanks for sharing the pix. Amazing how fast those little ones grow! Greetings from your family at McKnight Road!