Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pictures and stories

Well, we're starting week three and everything is still going well! At Andrew's two-week checkup he weighed 8 pounds, 12 ounces, so he's back up past his birthweight and growing like a weed! He's had a couple of rough nights this week but last night was much better. Unfortunately, he has a stuffy nose, so that's no fun for any of us, but hopefully it'll pass quickly. Here are a couple pictures from this week. It's amazing to me how different he looks already!

In Amelia news: Amelia is really exercising her imagination these days. Tuesday when she came home from school, she decided she needed to have a birthday party for Humu (a stuffed fish she has). She then cleaned out her whole toy/book shelf and toy box to set up the party. Below is a picture of the guests at the party.

Amelia is quite the little mommy, both to her dolls and to Andrew, who she still calls "my baby." Here you can see her swinging her doll just like her little brother.

Even though it's March, we're still getting pounded with snow (welcome to the frozen north!). Yesterday Amelia went outside to help Bryan shovel the driveway (her idea, not ours...we promise); here is a picture of her getup.

One final bit of Amelia story: last week when I was about to nurse Andrew, Amelia was standing by and observing. She promptly sat down on the couch, pulled up her shirt, reached out her arms, and said "baby brother wants to drink milk from my tummy!" Needless to say, Mom and I got quite tickled! Have a great week!


Kelly said...

I love the nursing story! Our neice nurses her dolls. You'll see her walking around with a stuffed animal hanging out of her shirt. Too funny.

Cara said...

HA!! Love the story and the snow outfit. Andrew is so cute. I need to take some newer pictures of Brylee and post them. Glad you are all adjusting to having a family of 4.

abby said...

ferg is getting so big!