Tuesday, May 6, 2008


We have really enjoyed spending a lot of time outside in the last few weeks. Amelia helped me plant some flowers in the pots on our deck. She is a really good helper and loves using her own little shovel, rake and gloves!

My Aunt Andrea sent Amelia some egg-shaped sidewalk chalk at Easter, and Amelia has really been loving it. She decided to decorate the deck the other day:

The picture above is, as Amelia described it, "a smiling fish." I thought it was pretty good! We've also had some nice spring showers lately, and Amelia has relished them (although I think mostly she just likes being able to use her Thomas umbrella):

Andrew has joined us outside on most of our ventures, lounging in his carseat with the little umbrella part over him. He is such an easygoing baby! Here's the kids before one of our backyard ventures.

We are so thankful to be able to be playing outside! Thank you, God, for springtime!!

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Ava's Adventures said...

Love those rain boots!!