Monday, May 19, 2008

Three months, and an important milestone!

Today Andrew is three months old! Time really does fly by. I also can't believe that 2008 is almost halfway seems like it just started! Anyway, Andrew also reached an important milestone this week: he is now sleeping through the night! Thank you, son! I've been putting him down between 11:30 and 12:30 and he's been sleeping until 6 am or so, which is pretty great as far as I'm concerned. Until now he's been sleeping in the bassinet in our room, but he's getting so big (and grabby!) that I figured he needed the space of his crib, so it works out well that he's sleeping well now at night. Here are a couple of his monthly his crib! They were both so cute I couldn't choose just one. :-)


EB said...

What a precious little boy!! I just got this link off you your website on facebook! Your little girls is also adoreable. Good to catch up on how you are doing!!
Carrie Owen Brown

Ava's Adventures said...

Yay for Andrew!! Also, I see that today he is 3 mo, 3 wk, and 3 days old. He must have had the perfect day today!! The age of the perfect 3's!