Monday, February 21, 2011

Mandrew's birthday

Yes, you read correctly: Andrew's nickname (well at least what Bryan calls him) is "Mandrew." Mandrew just celebrated his third birthday this weekend. Time flies, and this little man is definitely no baby anymore! He is making great strides in potty training, doing very well staying in his big boy bed, and constantly amazes us with the things he says and does. We didn't do a "kid" birthday party for him (a bit overwhelming, I think) but we did our traditional family + friends birthday dinner at Red Robin. Andrew was SO excited to eat his ice cream! He also had a little celebration with his friends in his class at school. Here are some pictures!
Birthday treat: cupcake new favorite thing to make! Check out this book and this website for more info.
The finished product...cute and delicious! They were strawberry flavored, inside.

Andrew's party at school; his class painted the banner behind him!

Getting ready to sing, light and blow out the candles

Red Robin birthday sundae!


abby said...

yay! wearing his new thomas shirt!

Ted and Anne said...

Happy 3rd Birthday to the Man! :) Andrew you are the sweetest.

P.S. Cake balls were, once again, AMAZING!!!

Ted and Anne said...

Cupcake pops I meant!!

Martha said...

Happy birthday, Andrew! I love his nickname. I am also going to place a request that either cake balls or cupcake pops be present at the next Jobe-West reunion. :-)