Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Signs of Spring

Well, I just noticed that all of March went by with no post. Such was March! There wasn't a whole lot exciting going on last month, just our day-to-day stuff, and after looking at my picture folder for March, it's pretty sad...almost no pictures last month! Oops! I guess a late return to the blog is better than never, no?

I've said many times that I really like the weather here in Michigan...until about the end of February. By then, I'm just DONE with cold and snow, and I know there are still a good two months or so where it's not only a possibility, it's the likely forecast. Well now it's April, and things are looking up! Sunday it was 83 here (practically summer!) and everyone was out. Our Life Group meets Sunday nights; all the kids were playing outside and the adults enjoyed hanging out on the deck. It was such a great reminder that it does eventually get warm here! Of course those warm temps didn't last long, but at least we're warming up. This week I noticed some sure signs of spring!
Rain gear: it's been very wet here! By the way...
doesn't Andrew look a bit like the Gorton's fisherman?

A little windy, but still a great day for the park!

Buds on the lilacs!

Buds on the hydrangeas!

Fletcher is SO enjoying going outside to wiggle around in the grass.

For some of you it's probably been springy for a while, but please accept our very heartfelt greeting: happy spring!!


Ted and Anne said...

Happy Spring Indeed!! I love all your "signs of Spring"...Fletcher looks particular happy to be outside, ha! :)

Ted and Anne said...

ooops, I meant particularly