Monday, October 10, 2011


We are thrilled that my parents recently moved to Evanston (just north of Chicago) after 13 years living in NYC. It's so nice to have them close enough--four hours away--that we can drive for a weekend visit! We did that this weekend. It just so happened that Michigan was playing Northwestern in Michigan's first away football game this season, so we figured we'd better see it! My parents (who cheered for Northwestern since my dad teaches there), Bryan and me, and our dear friends Martha and Chris West (who live in Wisconsin, not too far away) went to the game Saturday night. We had a blast! Michigan won (GO BLUE!) and we had such fun visiting. Sunday the family took the Metra to downtown Chicago to see the sights in Millennium Park. It is such a cool place, and it was beautiful with the fall colors! We all had a fun weekend, and look forward to visiting Chicago a lot over the years! Here are some pics of our weekend.


Ted and Anne said...

Love your pictures from Chicago...and love that your parents are closer, yay!!!

Ted and Anne said...

The last picture is my favorite...poor Andrew, he must have really been wiped out!